Friday, April 13, 2007

Drug Dealer Asks For Jail Sentence Instead Of Probation

A drug trafficker caught with a quantity of Ecstasy pills, PCP, LSD, marijuana, and $7,979 in cash last November told a judge this week he had rather spend time in prison than be on probation for three years. Darren “Derek” Sadok of Florida had been charged with trafficking narcotics, but pled to a lesser charge of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana. Sadok was sentenced to 36 months probation, which was immediately revoked. The 28-year-old man was then sentenced to serve up to 6 months in prison for the offense. Sadok was arrested last November by Deputy Jason Crocker after stopping his 2001 Honda Civic for speeding on I-95 near Benson. Officers found the drugs in luggage and in the glove box.


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