Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fight Breaks Out Following Collision That Ejected 9-Year-Old

A 9-year-old girl was seriously injured after being ejected from a car involved in a two car accident Saturday night on Highway 70 at Swift Creek Road . After the collision, the driver, who reportedly ran a red light causing the accident, was severely beaten by the 9-year-old’s father who was driving the other car. Wilson ’s Mills Police Chief Steve Little said the accident happened after the driver of a silver Chevrolet, traveling eastbound, ran a red light at the intersection. A burgundy Dodge, traveling north on Swift Creek Road , was struck in the left side, ejecting the 9-year-old girl onto the pavement. She was later airlifted to Duke Medical Center. Chief Little said the child, who was sitting in the back left seat, was not restrained. After the impact, the child’s father attacked the operator of the silver Chevrolet, breaking at least six bones in his face during the attack, Chief Little said. Wilson ’s Mills Police plan to consult with District Attorney Susan Doyle on Monday to determine if the father will face any charges for the assault. Chief Little said inattention appeared to be the cause of the accident, and authorities are looking into a report the driver of the silver Chevy may have been eating when he ran through the red light.


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