Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oswald Finds New Home, Makes National News

Remember Oswald the alligator who showed up at the home of Frank Howell near Micro last week? We have an update on Oswald who ended up making national news following his capture by Johnston County Animal Services April 5. The 5 foot long, 50 pound gator was released on Monday in Green Swamp along the Bladen-New Hanover County line. A state biologist relocated Oswald, nicknamed by his captors, to a more natural environment. There have been gator sightings in creeks and streams off Old Beulah Road near Micro for about a year, Animal Services Director Ernie Wilkinson told WMPM last week. Officials aren’t sure if Oswald was alone in Johnston County , but since his capture there haven’t been any additional sightings. Oswald’s capture was covered by the Fox News Network this week.


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