Tuesday, May 01, 2007

West Johnston High Open Guard Places Seventh In Nation In World Championship Finals

West Johnston High Guard Members (front row L to R) Katie Nyberg, Ashley Lovejoy, Mindy Pleasants, Amanda Smith, Taylor Jarrett (2nd row L to R) Amy Broderick, Christy Lee, Katie, Dicicco, Amber Hewko, Jesse Walker, Amber Workman (Top row L to R) Courtney Jones, Lily Hurr, Phillip Franklin, Taylor Hewitt, Stuart Morgan, Javion Echols, Brandi Suggs. Photo by Elizabeth Tenzca
- West Johnston Open Guard placed seventh in WGI World Championships Finals on April 14th in Dayton , Ohio following three spectacular performances. Eighteen West students performed their show “J. Edgar Hoover” and brought the house down. The directors and kids were stopped throughout the 3-day competition and in Dayton to receive personal congratulations and praise. 193 units were competing from all over the country and Japan , Canada , Great Britain and France . The Clayton High Winterguard was a semifinalist. West Johnston has been WGI regional finalists or champions in all WGI regional competitions since 2004. West Johnston Open Guard has also been AIA (Atlantic Indoor Association) gold medallists in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. David Duffy, assistant director of bands at West Johnston said, “The kids were simply amazing. I’m so proud of them. They came together as a team and provided the audience with great entertainment during 3 phenomenal performances.” Lance Britt, director of bands at West Johnston said, “These 18 students are shining examples of our youth and that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Their commitment and dedication to this activity is remarkable and once again they have represented our school, county and state with pride and dignity.”


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