Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Will They Be Our Next Superstars?

From left, Wee Wan, Jeff Enoch and James Capps, of Benson.

James Capps, of Benson, Wee Wan, and Jeff Enoch don’t have million dollar contracts or stretch limos yet, but it’s only a matter of time, according to Miriam Anderson, adjunct professor of voice at Campbell University . Extremely enthusiastic about the talent of these students, Anderson is eager to let the rest of the world in on it. “These guys certainly have star quality,” she said. “All three are really putting Campbell out there.” Wee Wan, a senior mass communications major from Ipoh , Malaysia , is a budding pop star in his country. He just cut a demo CD, and a song he composed for a Malaysian talent competition similar to “American Idol” not only won the competition but was recorded by famous Malaysian pop singer Michael Wong. Lanky James Capps, who lives in Benson, and is the son of WMPM DJ Robert Capps, could pass for a younger version of country music artist George Straight. Capps’ clean-cut appearance and “Aw shucks” style make him a natural for the country music stage. A junior mass communications major who grew up singing and playing acoustic guitar with his dad and brothers’ country /blue grass band, Capps is a traditionalist who likes the melodies and lyrics of artists Randy Travis, Johnny Cash and Alan Jackson. “I’ve been playing and singing since high school,” he said. “It’s been more of a hobby than anything else.” Within the past two years, Capps’ uncomplicated style and mellow voice have gained regional notoriety, however. He has been a featured performer on the “Country Music Showcase,” sponsored by Johnston Community College , and has made dozens of appearances at community events such as Harnett County Relay for Life. “If I could make a living making music, that’s what I’d love to do,” he said. “Just making people feel good, that’s what I really enjoy.” The father of two small children, senior theatre major Jeff Enoch plans to move his young family to Orlando, Fla., where he has just been signed to a six-month contract with Walt Disney World. Enoch will play “Bloat the Blowfish” in “Finding Nemo,” the new Disney musical eventually headed for Broadway. “My six-year-old daughter is in a great school in Apex,” Enoch said. “I hate to uproot them for such a short time.” The job could lead to roles in Disney productions in New York , however. Once Enoch works professionally, he can receive his Actors Equity card and possible entré into New York theatre. “It’s a great stepping stone,” he said. “I love acting.”


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