Thursday, April 12, 2007

Police Putting Brakes On Large Truck Traffic On Residential Street

No Thru Truck signs have been posted on Strickland Drive in West Smithfield following complaints by residents. Police are now enforcing the regulation.

Smithfield Police are putting a stop to large trucks driving on one residential street. In February, Public Works Director Marty Anderson contacted Police Chief Steve Gillikin after receiving complaints from residents on Strickland Drive about large truck traffic. Chief Gillikin said he observed log trucks, in transit from work sites to a lumber mill on Market Street , use Strickland Drive as a shortcut from Wilson ’s Mills Road to Market Street . Gillikin told the town council he felt the truck traffic was inappropriate for the residential neighborhood. Anderson said he had concerns the heavy trucks would damage the pavement, resulting in high repair costs to the town. The Town Council approved the designation of Strickland Drive as a “No Thru Truck” street. Signs went up on Strickland Drive last week and police will now being enforcing the regulation.


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