Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Senior Project For SJHS Student Highlights Dangers Of Drinking And Driving

Juniors and seniors at South Johnston High watch, Wednesday morning, as Benson firemen and EMS workers cut three "victims" from a mock accident scene. The grim reaper, dressed in black looks on. Obituaries for 5 students were read during the event, held to show teens the importance of not drinking and driving.

Dana Daniels hopes her senior project presented to juniors and seniors at South Johnston High School on Wednesday gets their attention. Daniels project, “Make Memories, Not Memorials”, was designed to draw attention to the dangers of teens drinking and driving. Students learned they were not invincible. Through a slide show, mock crash reenactment, and a speech from State Trooper J.M. Dorsey, students learned the dangers of drinking and driving. The event was held prior to the school’s Senior Prom on Thursday night. District Attorney Susan Doyle, Assistant DA Cindy Yeager, law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies were in attendance. So far this year, four teens have been killed in car crashes in Johnston County alone. Since 2004, 455 teenagers have died on North Carolina roadways, including 25 in Johnston County . Students also learned the dangers of speeding. Officials reminded the teens about the importance of wearing seat belts, limiting the number of passengers in their cars, not tailgating, and obeying a new law where teens under 18 can’t talk on a cell phone while driving.


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