Thursday, April 05, 2007

Town Rejects $5 Vehicle Tax

Smithfield Town Councilman Sidney Broadwell was instrumental in rejecting a vehicle tax of up to $5 for every car and truck in the city limits. Broadwell said residents already pay enough taxes on their vehicles.

With rising gasoline prices, Town Councilman Sidney Broadwell thought a proposal to levy a vehicle tax of up to $5 a year for every car in Smithfield was just too much. Residents already pay property tax on their cars and trucks. Calling the proposed $5 fee a “tax on top of a tax” Broadwell said the town had survived without the fee this long and felt the collections with the current motor vehicle tax was adequate. Councilman Charles Williams seconded Broadwell’s motion to reject a proposed $5 vehicle tax and the council voted unanimously not to implement the additional tax. About 9,400 vehicles are currently registered within the town limits and the tax would have generated about $47,000 per year, starting July 1. Currently, Benson levies a $3 vehicle tax. Clayton and Pine Level each levy a $5 vehicle tax. Funds generated by the tax in Smithfield would have been directed towards accelerating street resurfacing and sidewalks.


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