Monday, April 16, 2007

Brian Maynard Named Johnston County Trooper Of The Year

Sgt. J.A. Starling (left) congratulates Trooper Brian Maynard (right) after being named Johnston County Trooper of the Year, during an awards banquet, sponsored by Clayton American Legion Post 71.

State Trooper Brian Maynard has been named the Johnston County Trooper of the Year. Maynard, who has been stationed in Johnston County since 2003, received the recognition from the Clayton American Legion Post 71. He was chosen from the field of 22 troopers, who work from the Smithfield District Office. Highway Patrol Sgt. J.A. Starling said Maynard was an outstanding trooper. “He is a hard worker and a great asset to the Highway Patrol, and especially to the district. I wish I had ten of him. He is an excellent trooper,” Sgt. Starling said. In 2006, Trooper Maynard issued over 3,000 citations, made 66 drunken driving arrests, and investigated over 200 collisions. Of the 3,000 citations issued, 1,829 were for speeding violations. Maynard, who is a Harnett County native, graduated from East Carolina University , and worked two years with the SBI before joining the Patrol in 2003. Maynard told WMPM, “It is an honor to be recognized as Trooper of the Year. I never expected to receive the award. I do what I do because I want to make a difference.” During the awards banquet, Dana Wilkinson, a former trooper, was selected by the American Legion as the Johnston County Deputy of the Year.


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