Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fire Causes Minimal Damage To Home

Smithfield Fire Chief Patrick Harris (white shirt) walks out of a home at 112 Heritage Street as firefighters set up a ventilation exhaust fan at the front door. A stove fire caused about $1,000 in damage to the home of Anthony and Rebecca McKinney on Thursday. No injuries were reported.

A Smithfield home received minor damage Thursday after an unattended pan on a stove caught fire. Smithfield firemen were called to the home of Anthony and Rebecca McKinney at 112 Heritage Street , off Booker Dairy Road , just after 11am. Smithfield Fire Marshal Paul Whitehurst said Mrs. McKinney was cooking on the stove and had walked away. She was alerted to the fire by the sounds of a smoke detector. Firemen used an exhaust fan to remove smoke from the home. Damage from the fire was placed at $1,000. No injuries were reported.


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