Monday, April 23, 2007

Smithfield First Baptist Church Holds Operation Inasmuch

Smithfield First Baptist Church volunteers prepare cookies for delivery to school teachers and other public employees during Operation Inasmuch. Photo by Mike Ward. Members of the First Baptist Church in Smithfield participated in Operation Inasmuch on Saturday. Members delivered food to shut-ins, did lawn work for the elderly, took bud vases to nursing home residents, made cookies and delivered them to public workers and area school teachers, served coffee to motorists from the I-95 Rest Stop in Selma , along with other projects. Operation Inasmuch is an interdenominational event conducted annually or semi-annually by about 500 churches in several states, and most recently has spread to England and Canada . Operation Inasmuch was born from the biblical mandate and example of Jesus for God's people to demonstrate His love to all people.


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