Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Smithfield Town Council Approves Involuntary Annexation Of 96 Acres Off US301, US70

Town Manager Pete Connet (right) looks on as Mayor Norman Johnson calls for a vote Monday on the involuntary annexation of 59 tracts of land, totaling just over 96 acres. The property annexed is along US301 South near Holt's Lake and US70 East near I-95.

In a special meeting, that lasted only four minutes Monday afternoon, the Smithfield Town Council voted unanimously to annex 55 tracts of land off Highway 301 South and four parcels near the US70/I-95 interchange. The largest area annexed on Monday was 78 acres on the southwestern side of the current town limits. It includes 40 dwellings and approximately 92 residents from US301, at Galilee Road, southward to Holts Lake . The annexation includes Holt’s Lake Barbecue , Blackmon’s Mobile Home Park , and the Johnston County School Bus Garage. The annexation will generate about $28,798 in additional property tax annually for the Town of Smithfield . Monday’s annexation did not include the Huntington Ridge Subdivision off Country Club Road , which had previously been considered for annexation several years ago. Four businesses and just over 18 acres of land, near the US70/I-95 interchange were also forcibly annexation Monday. They include the Village Inn, Village Restaurant, Tobacco Shop, and the Johnston County Board of Education Central Office. Annexation of the four businesses will add approximately $8,399 in property taxes annually for the town. Public hearings, held in March and April, on the involuntary annexations drew some opposition from residents who weren't interested in becoming a part of the city. Councilman Andy Moore was not present for Monday’s vote. Earlier this month, the corporate limits of Smithfield grew by an additional 10 acres, when East Carolina Farm Credit (ECFC) requested voluntary annexation of land they purchased on US70 East at Yelverton Grove Road . ECFC plans to build a new office at that location.


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